6' 4" height, 210 pounds weight

193 cm height, 95 kg weight (15 stone)

hi, attached is my photo, i'm 6'4" and 210 lbs. I hope the photo is ok, it may not be.

It's me! I'm 6'4" and 210lbs.

Cool site!

Bralynn, 6'4, 210

I have my kids in the pic, not sure if that's acceptable but it's a pretty good full body shot. :)

Bralynn Bell
Earthcomm, Inc.

Hi Rob,

I've been meaning to get around to sending you my info for the chart since the day it appeared on the site. It's taken me this long to find a suitable picture!

Here is my information:

Name : Dan
Height : 6' 4 (193cm)
Weight : 210lbs/15 stone/95kg

All the best from the UK!

Cheers, Dan

Wow, amazingly interesting and useful idea!  (PS - also great "google juice" you are the only legitimate search result that came up in a variety of height/weight related search queries).
Attached are a couple of my photos, though quite ridiculous in most levels (and once turned into a valentine's day card that got distributed around the office) I thought these might be helpful to share with others.  Photos show right before a pretty intensive workout regiment and approx 45 days in (boxing 5-6 days a week for 2 hours, and high protein 4k calorie diet).  Sorry they aren't framed in a full body shot format, but still thought they might be of some value.
Less ripped photo is 6'4" 230lbs, vs. still awesomely still unfit for shirtlessness in public photo is 6'4" 218lbs.  For the sake of comparison photo of me on balcony is at 6'4" 210lbs after biking 1000mi+ in 90 days.
I am glad to give these to you full creative commons, no accreditation needed and redistribute/rework as you personally/creatively see fit.  

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