5' 11" height, 290 pounds weight

180 cm height, 132 kg weight (21 stone)


I have a photo for the Height/Weight chart with Photographs.

The height is 5 foot 11 inches. The weight at the time of the photograph is 287 pounds.

I would love to be linked and the website is www.Traveler-Bill.com


William Blevins



I would love for you to add my picture to the page!

Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Weight: 290 pounds
Name: Brandi H.

I used to weigh 410 pounds and I have lost 120 pounds so far.  I attached a before and after picture but I prefer you add the after only. lol


Brandi www.facebook.com/brandimishael


See a bunch of nearby weights at 5' 11" height

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