5' 11" height, 110 pounds weight

180 cm height, 50 kg weight (8 stone)

Dear cockeyed-team,
Your project ist very interesting, and I'm glad to have found your page.
Im a student from Germany, and I suffer from bulimia since over ten years.
The photo shows me with 52 kg, which is not much because Im 1,80 metres tall (5"11).
My picture isnt like some of those skeleton-look-a-like-photos that are used in reports about anorexia, but you get a certain idea of what strict dieting/ purging may cause. Its the only photo of my whole body because I used to consider me as a fat cow and so I avoided being photographed...
Since two years, I was able to gain about 8 kilos, to gain self-confidence, and Im better now.
I just wish that my photo could show people what it means to be thin. It means to look (and to be!) unhealthy.

Hope to see me soon. ; )
Greetings and best wishes,

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