5' 7" height, 120 pounds weight

170 cm height, 54 kg weight (9 stone)

Hey Rob this is a cool idea! 
I'm sure you are being flooded with photos (or not)...I thought I would send you this photo of me.  My name is Tracey and I am 5 foot 7.5 inches tall and 123 lbs.  I don't have a website to link to but I did want to participate since I check your site often and think it's great!
Hi Rob,
My friend at work showed me your site - very cool idea! My coordinate is already filled, but I thought I'd submit a photo anyway.
I am 5' 7" (plus a little) and weigh 122 lbs (1.71 m and 55.5 kg). Greetings from New Jersey!

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