5' 6" height, 250 pounds weight

168 cm height, 113 kg weight (18 stone)

My name is Maggie and my husband is Matt and here are some pictures of us for the height/weight chart!! We are big fans of your website. I'm from Turlock originally and after making my poor husband endure the Sacramento summer heat while I was working at the Music Circus, he has big respect for you and the things you set on fire by harnessing the sheer power of the Sacramento summer sun!
Congrats on the new baby!!!! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Maggie's stats - 5' 6" 250lbs
We dont have a website to link too, but if you google me, you'll get a bunch of hits!
All my best -
Maggie B.

Here are two photos for your height-weight chart. I’m 36 years old, 5’6” tall, and I see that your higher weight slots are still empty. I’ve been losing weight for the last six months and taking a ‘progress shot’ every month or so. Here’s my ‘before’ shot at 253lbs.
I know this other photo isn’t what you want for the site but you might be interested in seeing it anyway – my ever-shrinking profile which shows fairly dramatically the difference that regular exercise can make to your appearance. J

~Karen aka Kajikit

Website - http://www.kajikitscorner.com 

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