5' 6" height, 190 pounds weight

168 cm height, 86 kg weight (14 stone)

Mike Hager
190 lbs

Indianapolis, IN 46227

here is my figure.  you can call me jane.

5' 6.5", 192 pounds.

5'6", 195 pounds

Hello. My name's Susanna K. and I'm from Glasgow in Scotland. I'm 21 and I weigh just over 190 pounds. My height is five foot six. Both of these pictures are me dressing up (on different nights) for themed events (Victoriana/Steampunk and Alice in Wonderland) at the Glasgow Uni Sci Fi and Fantasy Society.

I think the height/weight chart is a really good idea, since it's hard to get a clear picture of what people of various weights look like from mainstream media sources alone.


Hello, My name is Jennifer and I love your height & weight experiment.   In my opinion everyone has a different body build and therefore weight and their appearance will differ.   I am 5'6'' and in the attached picture I was 195lbs.  However, at the "guess my weight" games 90% of the time the guess is 170.  



Hi, my name is Chrissy! My height is 5' 6" and my weight is 189! I hope these pictures work!






My name is Alisha. I am 5'6”, and 191 lbs. I have a large ribcage, and a semi wide set body, yet according to “wrist size”  I am a medium frame and to height weight charts I am obese. I am not perfect, working on becoming healthier, but I have never felt obese, or like I looked obese. All bodies are different and I really like what you do with this website to show that.


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