5' 0" height, 90 pounds weight

152 cm height, 41 kg weight (6 stone)

I'd like to steal the 5'0", 90 pound slot, please~ :)
My weight's really closer to 85 pounds, but here we are, I hope a link to a picture is okay?
I top out at barely, exactly 5 feet tall, and 87 pounds at my last weigh-in, and my name, though it is in my signature and probably in the sender line, is Amy Hikari. :)

I don't have a website per se, but you can feel free to link to my journal if you so desire: http://www.insanejournal.com/~epitaph_skeith/.

I hope this will help you out! Kudos on the site, also - I'm always reading it, and so are my friends. :D
# Amy Hikari #

Kathlene O.
5 feet/90 pounds

Real love isn't ever ambivalent.

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